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Ocean fish actually prefer plastic junk food to plankton – then they die


figure_in_bubble_bath_1600_clr_13628Scientists in Sweden exposed larval perch to small plastic particles measuring less than 5mm in diameter and they loved them!

Not for them the nutritious free swimming zoo plankton  they are supposed to eat.

They completely changed their diets like teenagers eating junk food – in this case literally.

Apart from filling the fish with junk of no nutritional value it made them more sluggish and also made them ignore predators like pike. So they were caught and eaten four times quicker than fish not exposed to the plastic.

All the fish exposed to the plastic were dead within 48 hours.

The researchers at Uppsala University found the same thing happened with other species including tropical fish and those from temperate waters. They say “the effects on aquatic ecosystems could be profound”

They even predict that if current trends continue there could be more plastic rubbish than fish in our…

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The Knotted Gun


S6000450I’d seen, and photographed this bronze sculpture of a Colt Magnum revolver with a knot in the barrel a couple of times on my business trips to Sweden.

But I didn’t know what it was about – although I thought it was probably an anti-gun ownership protest, perhaps typical of a country noted for its neutrality.

It turns out that it was designed by Carl Fredrik Bengt Wilhelm Reuterswärd in response to the murder of John Lennon. Called The Knotted Gun or Non-violence it was seen as a political piece in the manner of Picasso’s Guernica.

Reuterswärd had met Lennon and Ono in Switzerland in 1969 and had discussed creating a piece that depicted the concept of peace. After Lennon’s death Ono asked him to continue.

He said “I was filled with bitterness and anger and immediately began to create a symbol for John Lennon and everyone else who…

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Man with slow heartbeat may be capable of violence


patient_with_heart_trouble_1600_wht_7075It seems that men with resting heartbeats of less than 60 beats per minute at age 18 are 50% more likely to go on to commit violent crime compared with those with more than 80 beats per minute.

Crimes such as assault, murder, kidnapping and rape. They are also a third more likely to suffer unintentional injuries from causes such as traffic accidents.

Scientists speculate this is because they are more fearless (or perhaps psychopathic?)

They draw these conclusions based on a study of 700,000 Swedish men born between 1958 and 1991 who had their resting heartbeat measured when conscripted for national service.

They followed the men for up to 30 years and found a strong link between their resting heart rate and whether or not they had a criminal record or had been involved in accidents.

The findings pose a conundrum “No one wants to blame…

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Arlanda Airport, Stockholm…………..almost matches the prices at Copenhagen Airport

Kindadukish's Blog - I am not a number, I am a free man (The Prisoner)

A couple of days ago I posted a little “rant” about being charged £15.00 for two glasses of beer at Copenhagen Airport and my business colleague and I have been suffering from “post traumatic stress disorder” since our return to the UK.

You will be glad to know that after considerable psychotherapy we are now fully recovered and in “rude health.”

It was only when I was going through some photos from our trip that I came across one that I had taken at Arlanda Airport, Stockholm during our stop over whilst we waited for our connecting flight to Vilnius.

Just enough for a guinea pig! Just enough for a guinea pig!

We decided to find a bar and get a drink and a snack to eat. I spotted these little open sandwiches which consisted of a small square of rye bread topped with sliced egg and some very nice looking anchovies laid across the egg…

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Ten Rules of Jante

Swedish flag

  • You’re not to think you are anything special
  • You’re not to think you are as good as us
  • You’re not to think you are smarter than us
  • You’re not to convince yourself that you are better than us
  • You’re not to think you know more than us
  • You’re not to think you are more important than us
  • You’re not to think you are good at anything
  • You’re not to laugh at us
  • You’re not to think anyone cares about you
  • You’re not to think you can teach us anything

Ah, the Swedes……..pragmatic as usual

Kindadukish's Blog - I am not a number, I am a free man (The Prisoner)

Sweden male train drivers wear skirts after shorts row

Driver Martin Akersten
Martin Akersten says his colleagues came up with the idea in winter

A dozen male train drivers in Sweden have circumvented a ban on shorts by wearing skirts to work in hot weather. The workers, who operate the Roslagsbanan line north of the capital Stockholm, have been wearing skirts to work for the past two weeks.

Employer Arriva banned the drivers from wearing shorts after taking over the running of the line in January. But the company has given the men its blessing to wear skirts, according to local newspaper Mitti.

“Our thinking is that one should look decent and proper when representing Arriva and the present uniforms do that. If the man only wants [to wear] a skirt then that is OK,” Arriva communications manager Tomas Hedenius told the paper.

“To tell them to do something else would be discrimination.”

Driver Martin…

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Best looking people live in…

Sweden. According to a survey by Sunshine holidays reported in today’s i newspaper.

The survey of almost 1500 people in the UK thought Sweden was the best looking nation (and I’m assuming they meant the people who lived there rather than the tourist attractions).

Anyway England came 6th, so at least we got in the top 10 by voting for ourselves (pity we can’t in the Eurovision song contest). The full top 10 is:

  1. Sweden
  2. Brazil
  3. Italy
  4. Spain
  5. Australia
  6. England
  7. Austria
  8. Cuba
  9. Russia
  10. Singapore

For some people beauty is everything of course but these countries couldn’t possibly be Sunshine holiday destinations could they?