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Are you teaching your kids to be quitters?

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Not a good thing! Research clearly shows the importance of perseverance in school and in life.

So next time you are struggling with a task in front of your children don’t make it look too easy. By trying and repeatedly failing at a task you are helping children understand the value and importance of persistence.

Many cultures emphasise the value of effort and perseverance. This emphasis is substantiated by scientific research: individual differences in conscientiousness, self-control and ‘grit’ correlate with academic outcomes independent of IQ” wrote scientists at  the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

They wondered if persistence and quitting could be learnt. “Does seeing an adult exert effort to succeed encourage infants to persist longer at their own challenging tasks?”

In an experiment they ran at MIT, reported in the journal Science, 250 15-month old children watched adults perform a task getting a keychain attached to a carabiner out…

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What does it take to be a success as a woman?


woman_shopper_carrying_bags_500_wht_8079Researchers commissioned by House of Fraser found that earning £49,000 a year, having a great sex life and having 500 followers on Instagram were considered indicators of success.

A House of Fraser spokesperson said “The survey has revealed some really fascinating insights into how modern women define success. From financial independence to being a great mum to keeping up with the latest fashions and trends, the research has revealed that British women are more confident than ever”

They’d asked 2,000 working women aged between 18 and 45 how they defined success in the 21st century. Just over 80% of those surveyed thought women were just as successful as men and almost 90% of them described themselves as successful which they began to feel at age 25. The majority thought they were as successful as their partners whilst 25% thought that they had actually overtaken their partners.

See how you…

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