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Special forces play their part in Libya

Libya has seen widespread use of special forces it appears.

The French seem to have been the most active organising weapons drops on deserted beaches and providing forward air controllers (to direct air attacks).

The Quataris are reported to have been active in the actual fighting when the rebels stormed Gadaffi’s compound.

The SAS are rumoured to be out in the desert, where it all began for them of course, hunting Gadaffi and his family.

And the Italian special forces? Well they carried out a rescue mission in Tripoli. Their target was a white lion in the zoo, a gift from Silvio Bersculoni.

It was reported that about 1,000 animals were in danger of starvation and dehydration at the zoo and various international charities mobilised to provide vets and food supplies.

Update: It seems there were special forces from other countries as well: The UAE, Bulgaria, and the biggest contributor Egypt, also played important roles throughout the anti-Gadaffi campaign