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Sex Machine Museum? Huh?


Hellooooo ladies and gents! Robert from moolta checking in again to show you some other crazy things I ran into on my trip. While this one won’t be a story like the “Amster-dam good dares” post, I promise you it’s just as crazy.  Today my friends, you will get the inside scoop on the Prague Sex Machine Museum… prepare yourself.

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The real North-South divide – sex toys and on-line infidelity!

According to Relate, the counselling charity, three out of four sexually active women say they own a sex toy.

You no longer have to sneak into a Ann Summers shop or go on-line; just pop into your local supermarket.

An on-line sex shop, Lovehoney, analysed sales amongst its 750,000 shoppers and found that customers in Fleet, Hampshire, spent four times the national average on sex toys and three times as much on bondage gear.

No wonder Fleet was voted the best place to live by Halifax bank.  According to a story in this week’s Sunday Times young mums in Fleet are apparently clear about what they want sex-wise and aren’t afraid to ask for it.

And the North-South divide? Four of the five top-spending towns are in the South, the exception being Aberystwith. Four of the five lowest spending towns are in the North with Bedford being the exception.

It’s been predicted that sex toys will soon be as widely owned as smart phones. Perhaps someone will develop an App for it – or is your phone already set to vibrate mode?

A spokesman at the Kinsey Institute in America said there were similarities about the need for instant gratification between the use of sex toys and the fast food industry. Some doctors and Relate counsellors warn that relying on battery power for sexual climax can alter your brain circuits and make you less able to respond to the human touch. 

The survey, funded by Ann Summers, will help Relate counsellors working with couples with relationship problems. Perhaps unsurprisingly unmarried couples are happier with their sex lives than married couples – 70% compared with under 50%.

And to think the first sex toys were invented by doctors so that they could give women patients orgasms to cure their hysteria!  And in the same month that science confirms that the G-spot exists (albeit discovered in an 83-year-old women) so Dr Grafenberg will feel vindicated.

And it’s not only sex toys. Last month it was reported that more than a million British adults have subscribed to extramarital dating websites. Almost half of them log on every week looking for someone to have an affair with and it’s married women who are the main users. One UK website, MaritalAffairs, found that the majority of its users were university-educated parents aged 35 to 54 and that women outnumbered men by 3 to 1.

And an American web-site, Ashley Madison, reports that British women are the fastest growing group especially the over-50s. They put this down to the number of British women trapped in sexless marriages (which might also explain the interest in sex toys).

Apparently membership of these sites increases dramatically after Valentines Day, Mothers’ Day and New Year’s Day, suggesting men aren’t paying enough attention to their spouses, especially after days when there might be higher expectations of romantic activities.

FYI The on-line capital of infidelity is Manchester in the North-West of England. So the South is tops for sex-toys but women in the North prefer the real thing.