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More evidence UK kids are not very happy


119460-117532Eight-year-old children in the UK are less happy than those in Romania, Poland, Turkey and Algeria.

That’s according to a survey by the University of York which produced a report “Children’s Words

England came 13th out of 16 countries surveyed ahead of Nepal, South Korea and Ethiopia. Britain came in the bottom half of the ranking on many issues with body image and school life the main areas for concern. (For which you can probably blame social media, selfies and self-obsession)

The three most positive aspects were family, health, and safety but we didn’t rate higher than eighth on any of the issues which included friendship, personal well-being, and possessions.

The co-author of the survey report, Professor Jonathan Bradshaw, thought it was due to “the balance between the high levels of attainment and the social environment in schools. …with our push to raise our children’s…

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Brits like to get about

P1020587They are the most travelled nationality according to research published by International SOS.

Britain topped the list of 13 major countries based on an adult’s likelihood of travelling to foreign countries. 84% of us travel abroad regularly, far more than Americans of whom just under half travel abroad. Two thirds of French adults like to travel but it’s people from South Korea and India who came after Britain in the poll with Brazilians the least likely to travel abroad.

Brits tend not to go abroad for the culture and were less mindful of safety and security risks.

The Travelsupermarket website found that the Spanish islands of Majorca, Tenerife, Ibiza, and Lanzarote were among our favourite destinations.

British travellers are more likely than any others to purchase insurance and pack a first aid kit, yet are more relaxed about the local crime rate or safety standards of public transport