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Scratch a Russian…

and you get a Tartar, is a well-known proverb alluding to a Russian’s asiatic nature beneath a european countenance. Hinting of the fierce nature of Genghis Khan’s mongol hordes.

So it may come as no surprise that President Putin has decriminalised some forms of domestic abuse. That’s right, you can beat your wife with less chance of being imprisoned now.

According to official government figures between 12 and 14,000 women die each year of domestic abuse. A popular saying in Russia is “if he beats you it means he loves you“.

The revised law reduced the punishment for minor injuries, such as cuts and bruises, from two years to 15 days in prison if it doesn’t happen more than once a year.

thIt was instigated by Yelena Mizulina, an ultra-conservative MP who is head of the Russian State Duma’s Committee for Family, Women and Children. It was voted through by 38 votes to 1. She said that prosecuting people for a slap threatened to break up families and if parents weren’t allowed to beat their children “it would undermine traditional family values“. Sorry, but what committee is she head of?

A survey showed that 55% of Russians actually supported the change in the law (wonder what the gender split was?) and only 17% were against it.

th-1The popular tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda (Young Communist League Truth)  ran an article that said women with violent husbands should “be proud of their bruises” because some biologists believe that  they are then more likely to give birth to boys.( One way of continuing the vicious cycle as well).

Amnesty International describes it as ” a sickening attempt to further trivialise domestic violence“.

The mayor of Yekaterinberg, Russia’s fourth largest city, said they were now dealing with 350 cases of domestic assault very day compared to 150 a day previously. Before people were afraid of criminal charges – it acted as a safety barrier. “People got the impression that before it wasn’t allowed but now it is”.

So there you have it, an insight into the Russian character as personified by that low-achieving KGB officer (he only achieved lietenant-colonel rank), gay icon and macho man of the people who now sees himself as the Tsar of a  new Russian Empire.

Wild animals don’t have human characteristics – Disney isn’t real life!

Recently a video went viral showing a bear petting a chained-up dog in the Mile 5  dog sanctuary in Canada. The visitor who videod the incident said “I had no idea what was going to happen and then sure enough he started petting that dog acting like he was a friend. It was a beautiful sight“. This person must have been so naive.

Unfortunately the sanctuary owner hadn’t fed the bears that day (which is illegal anyway) to keep them away from the dogs.

Hours later another chained-up husky at the sanctuary ended up as bear lunch. The dog had no chance like a staked out goat.

tiger_by_the_tail_1600_clr_11300Talking of which you might remember a story last year about a tiger called Amur in the Primorsky Safari Park that befriended a goat he had been given for dinner.

Rather than eat him he shared his bed (which led to a lawyer claiming it was in breach of the law prohibiting the promotion of gay relationships).

Anyway that didn’t end well when the goat, called Timur (do they name all their tiger meals I wonder) stupidly kicked and head-butted the tiger which retaliated by grabbing the gouty the scruff of the neck and tossing it in the air – but not killing it. Hastily separated the zoo’s  now asking for brides (Russian brides?) for the goat.

And you may have heard about fur seals in the antarctic having sex with penguins – and then eating them. This BBC video is not for the faint-hearted showing inter-species sexual behaviour.

A far cry from when Bambi’s mum was shot by the hunters in that early Disney film.

Dolphins join the Russian Navy, again


CNV00005_14In 2012 the US Navy it was reporters that it had decided to end its marine mammal warfare programme in which dolphins and sea lions were trained to detect mines and enemy divers (although the latest story about military dolphins suggest it might still be ongoing)..

The Russians had been training dolphinsatSevastapol in the Crimea since 1973 using them like the Americans, patrolling open waters but also carrying explosive devices. The Ukrainians were also in the game – although their dolphins went AWOL in the mating season!

Now it’s been announced that the Russian Ministry of Defence has ordered 5 dolphins raising speculation that it is reviving its soviet era programme. It’s prepared to pay 1.75m roubles (about£18,000) for two male and three female bottle-nose dolphins up to 2.7 metres long.

So it looks like the Russians want to pick up where they left off now they…

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Jezza Corbyn……..deluded idiot

Kindadukish's Blog - I am not a number, I am a free man (The Prisoner)


Jeremy Corbyn refused to say whether he would defend a Nato ally if it were invaded by Russia. The Labour leader was asked multiple times at a leadership debate in Birmingham if he would uphold the Nato principle of “collective defence” where an attack against one member is considered an attack against all.

But he refused to give concrete assurance that he would do so were he prime minister. Instead he said: “I would want to avoid us getting involved military, by building up democratic relationships.”

The Labour leader repeatedly stressed the importance of improving diplomacy with Russia but would not firmly commit to upholding article five, which enshrines the “collective defence” principle.

When pushed on whether he would sign off on the UK going to the aid of a Nato ally, he said: “I don’t wish to go to war. What I want to do is achieve a world where we…

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Russia’s not-so-intelligence service – spies “R” us

What do you do when you graduate from school having been trained in espionage and the black arts, learning how to break into foreigners’ homes and intimidate diplomats?

Well you celebrate by hiring a fleet of Mercedes G-Wagens, drive round Moscow in a motorcade holding up the traffic, and post your videos, pictures, and names on social media.


Old school FSB officers (for that read former KGB) are furious. Major-general Alexander Mikhalov, says that the graduates are betraying their motherland. “F0r four years they were taught plotting, corporate ethics, not to reveal secrets. A treason was committed with those boys who ended up in the photographs

One of the graduates is quoted as saying that if they’d hired Volgas instead of mercs it would have been OK and no-one would have complained.

I think he’s missing the point and it hardly reflects well on his intelligence. The CIA, NSA, MI6, and most western intelligence & counter-intelligence agencies will be all over the pictures.

I can’t actually see any women in the picture so perhaps the FSB hasn’t got an equal opportunity policy in place yet.

If they aren’t court-martialled or sacked they can probably look forward to a career checking passports in Siberia or on the front-line in Syria or Ukraine or wherever Putin is fighting his dirty little wars.

The FSB has since said that some of the culprits will have their assignments changed and that bosses at the academy where they were trained will be demoted or sacked. You don’t say..

Ukraine is a beautiful country being torn apart by Putin

You’ve all seen the news stories, heard the evidence of the “little green men” from the reconnaissance and sabotage units running around fomenting trouble. You’ll have seen pictures of rocket launchers, modern Russian tanks (as David Cameron said “you can’t buy those on e-bay“) and well-armed separatists flouting the ceasefire. Putin lies through his teeth, denies everything. Fools the EU. Has the US on the back foot. Sees himself as the new Tsar of a new Russian empire embracing all the “near abroad” countries.

You will also remember the scenes in the square in Kiev where Russian snipers were killing protestors indiscriminately. You may not believe it but that’s all been repaired and looks reasonably normal. I’ve been to Ukraine three times with friends and thoroughly enjoyed it each time. First before the “Orange Revolution” and then after it.

I came across this video promoting the European Cup in 2012. This is Ukraine’s point of view. Look at the wonderful buildings, the modern infrastructure. Kiev, or Kyiv, is a modern western-looking capital city. Something which is anathema to Putin’s Russia.

Hope you enjoy the views:

#SpeakOut for Freedom


From http://www.sodahead.com

Now dreams
Are not available
To the dreamers,
Nor songs
To the singers.
In some lands
ark night
And cold steel
But the dream
Will come back,
And the song
Its jail.

By Langston Hughes

Russia: “Speak out for Freedom” – show of solidarity against repression

Amnesty International has launched a Week of Action, from 6 to 12 October 2014, to show solidarity with independent voices in Russia who speak out against the pernicious creep of repression in the country.

To mark the start of the Week of Action Amnesty International is publishing a new briefing, Violation of the right to freedom of expression, association and assembly in Russia, which focuses on the following areas of concern:

  • Independent media in Russia – journalists threatened, harassed, physically attacked and even murdered with impunity;
  • Non-governmental organizations smeared, fined and forced to close down for independent…

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