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The stereotype map of Britain according to north Londonders………………..

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I never realised that “the North” started so “far North”, I was always under the impression that for Londoners everything north of the M25 was the wastelands of the North………….it is no wonder that us folk up North view with disdain those from down South as “Southern softies”………………

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More American Cartoons On Canada

O' Canada

I enjoy the diversion of witty cartoons (especially those in The New Yorker magazine), and I’ve posted previously about funny cartoons that comment on American perceptions and stereotypes about Canada (for example, here and here).  Below are a few others that may provide for some amusement.


This one deals with the general lack of knowledge about Canada by many Americans:

What part of Canada . . .


Americans know they share many similarities with Canadians and might be happy to think that’s true in all respects but every now and then something will remind otherwise — such as the finishing of a sentence with an “eh?” or a different pronunciation of a common word (like “about” pronounced as “aboot”) — even if they can’t put their finger on it:



Of course, there’s the widely held perception of Canadians as being polite to a fault:

Canadian Mob


This one, while showing two Canadian politicians, plays…

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