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Can dementia patients actually get better?


head_outline_puzzle_1600_wht_10307There has been some excitement about reports that people with early-stage Alzheimer’s have recovered from their memory after being put on a controversial recovery plan.

Scientists say the results are unprecedented. There were only 10 patients, aged late 40s to mid-70s, in the trial and most of the reports are anecdotal but they include a 69 year-old entrepreneur who was able to go back to work and expand his business and a woman who recovered her fluency in two foreign languages.

There is currently no one drug which can reverse the symptoms which include confusion, loss of speech and memory loss (but see post about symptoms other than memory loss).

The California researchers claim that a customised programme of 36 different treatments can restore some patients with Alzheimer’s or cognitive impairment to normality and improve their lives significantly.

The plan is called Metabolic Enhancement for Neural Degeneration…

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