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Internships and Political Hypocrisy

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I have posted seveal times in my blogg about the iniquitous practice of “unpaid internships” so when I came across this item on GuidoFawkes blog I couldnt help but re-post it:-

Rachel Reeves Talks about unpaid internships 


Well done to Rachel Reeves for slamming unfair unpaid internships offered by unscrupulous employees. She told the audience at her speech yesterday:

“The problem with internships is that you can afford to do it if your parents have got money. If you don’t live in London you can’t afford to do it if your parents don’t have the money or if you live in an area where there are those kinds of opportunities. So I think there are real problems with unpaid internships and I think obviously the cost of living for a young person versus the cost of living for a family but I still think it’s wrong that you ask…

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