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Visit to War Graves cemetery ruled as “too draining” for England football team

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The bunch of pampered and preening footballers who allegedly “represented” England in France returned to the UK yesterday after their ignominious defeat by Iceland. As usual many of them walked off the aeroplane with headphones on, oblivious to the outside world and no wish to communicate with anyone, let alone the fans.

Some of these players earn in excess of £100,000 a week, that is just short of £5 million per year, yet were out played, out fought and out thought by a group of players (some part-time) imbued with a pride in playing for their country and giving everything on the pitch.

We are told that there are many talented English footballers, but ask yourself “how many English players play for Rael Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus or Bayern Munich?”……..I wonder why?

Apparently, whilst in France, Roy Hodgson had wanted to take his England squad on an outing from their Chantilly…

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Paris………….and the “religion of peace”

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I see that the “religion of peace” have been up to their usual cowardly tricks in Paris, they seem to be very good at blowing civilians up, shooting unarmed people and beheading journalists and aid workers who can pose no threat to them. They also do a nice line in child rape (Yazidis) not forgetting the kidnap of over 200 young girls by Boko Haram, many of whom were forced into marriage and systematically raped.

They scream that we in the west are all to blame because of the foreign policies of our governments, obviously forgetting that in a democracy (something which is totally alien to them) that many people may disagree with government policy but that is the way a democratic system works. In their eyes it is “guilt by association.”

The Islam apologists along with their “leftie” supporters will be out today saying either:-

  1. It’s all the wests…

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Will Gore, of the Independent Newspaper is a Coward…………………..

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Will-GoreWill Gore is Deputy Managing Editor of The Independent, i, Independent on Sunday and the London Evening Standard. He was formerly Director of External & Public Affairs at the Press Complaints Commission.

He has also written the most pathetic “explanation” why the Independent newspaper feels that there are more appropriate ways of showing solidarity with the murdered French journalists than publishing the cartoons, the exact opposite of many European papers who have published them as a response to  the murderous muslims who committed this atrocity (see below):-


The “best” that the Independent could come up with, and I use the word “best” advisedly is the following cartoon, note that there is no reference to islam or muhammed so as not to offend certain members of society, pathetic!:-


Will Gore is a COWARD, a sentiment being expressed by many on the “Indys” website in response to such a pathetic article, and as…

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French now not so miserable? Sacre Bleu!

Almost four years ago I posted about the French being the most miserable race in Europe.

It appears things are changing but not everyone is happy about it, naturally.

9782738129055Apparently the French have found an appetite for self-help books – buying 6 million by over 700 different authors in 2014 – and books promoting optimism such as “And Don’t Forget to be Happy” by psychiatrist Christophe André, “Change for the Better” also written by a psychiatrist the appropriately named Professor Michel Lejoyeux, “I’m Stopping Complaining” by French business consultant Christine Lewicki, and “Become Yourself” by economist Jaques Attali.

Intellectuals, however, are unhappy with these attempts to banish pessimism and negativity as they see this as an American concept unsuited to to the natural Gallic temperament. They would rather their compatriots stuck to Baudelaire’s miserable poetry or Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables rather than adopt the philosophy in Pharrell Williams’ hit song “Happy“.

An economist, Claudia Senik, says that the French are (still) 20% less happy than their counterparts in other European countries and “are in a spiral of self-fulfilling pessimism. They have a very high social ideal which is unreal and unrealistic and in fact this makes them unhappy“.

Many people are saying that the search for happiness is a delusion only likely to produce further misery.While you mull that over have a listen to Pharrell Williams

And if you are female and want to be more like French women read how to do it here