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On-line bullying persists

The internet and mobile technology generally has been a boon to bullies.

As well as Facebook, sites such as Little Gossip – recently shut down because of pressure from schools – provide anonymity to cyber-bullies who can make life hell for their victims.

And now there is another such site, Formspring. The comments that are put on the site are not worth repeating but are personal and hurtful and can be completely untrue.

There is even a Facebook group called: “Congratulations Formspring. You’ve just created the No 1 bullying site”. Surely a case of the kettle and the pot?

The sad thing is that to be bullied on Formspring you have to sign up to it. What is it about young people that they can’t/daren’t/won’t be without constant links to their “friends” and the outside world.

I once endured a 30 minute bus ride whilst the young women behind me texted all the way, her phone beeping every time she hit a key and recently at a main-line railway station everyone within a 5o yard radius was texting or e-mailing on their mobile phones. This self-centred and possibly narcissistic activity is an addiction and a curse.