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I came across this article and thought it made interesting reading, given that it was written by a woman. You may not agree with everything (or indeed anything) she says but I find it an interesting discourse on the feminist agenda. I have argued long and hard for “equality of opportunity” for everyone, and anyone who has read my blogs over the years will know that I have championed female orchestral conductors and entry to professions that have traditionally been denied to women. 


We have just had International Women’s Day. That time of year when feminist groups up and down the country cash in on the suffering of third world women by trying to convince us that if we get rid of our pay gap or get more women in boardrooms somehow that will impact on the third world woman’s life.

No one does this better than the Woman’s Equality…

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Boys will be boys..

Boys will be boys.. given half a chance. But some parents are determined to bring children up in a so-called “gender free” manner.

We know sex is determined biologically but when it comes to gender it gets a bit trickier. It seems that families that have only girls tend to produce more feminine girls and families which have only boys produce more masculine boys. And it’s probably no surprise then to learn that in families which have both boys and girls the differenc … Read More

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