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Cougars could cut road deaths in USA

Slide1 (1)Not women of a certain age but four-legged beasts which used to roam the eastern states of the USA before they were wiped out.

Those now densely populated states harbour a killer animal which claims 200 deaths a year and over a million traffic collisions.

The USA’s most dangerous mammal is the deer.

Now wildlife scientists are suggesting re-introducing cougars which would hunt down the deer and prevent thousands of injuries and 155 deaths over 30 years.

In South Dakota, which was recently re-colonised by cougars, there has been a 9% drop in deer-related car crashes over eight years.

The downside is that they would occasionally kill a human being. So the balance is this: having on average less than one person a year killed by cougars  but preventing 5 deaths a year and 700 injuries from deer vehicle collisions.

So an interesting dilemma about a biological control method.