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Are you a snob?


cropped-cnv000181.jpgFashion changes quicker than you can say “double denim” but are there some things that are just naff?

Contributors to the Times think they are the arbiters of good taste and here’s a list their ideas with a few of my own dislikes in the mix for good measure.

  • 65” TVs; curved TVs not much better
  • Too much scandi-style furniture – sorry IKEA
  • Immaculate interiors that have never seen a child’s imprint
  • Exposed brick walls and worn floors
  • Shiny black suits with matching shirt and tie (footballer chic apparently)
  • I’d add the matching tie and handkerchief set as worn by Shane Richie in the same colour every week!
  • Fake marble tiles in the bathroom
  • Elephants’ breath paint everywhere – blues are in now.
  • High gloss or dark stripy wood in the kitchen, oh and subway tiles

And on a personal level

  • Gypsy hoop earrings
  • Head to toe nylon
  • Cheap…

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Why do models look so miserable?


I noticed it’s fashion week or suchlike and all the newspapers have loads of photos of models.scan0221scan0222

These are all from different fashion houses but they all look the same: miserable, po-faced, bored. 

What’s the matter with them, they’re getting paid a lot?

If they don’t look like they’re enjoying the clothes they’re wearing why would anyone want to buy them. 

They might as well just put the clothes on mannequins. Like these.cropped-cnv000181.jpg

Can you tell the difference?

Photos from Sunday Times and Times

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Ways for women to be more French

france_flag_perspective_anim_500_wht_3642According to author and style guru Caroline de Maigret in her new book “How to be Parisian wherever you are”

Well Parisians are known for their rudeness and said not to be typical of French people generally so why is latest book doing so well? Stefanie Marsh interviewed her  in the Times magazine this week to try to throw some light on the matter.

Here are some of the tips distilled form her piece;

  • Put your mascara on at bedtime (to get a perfect smudged effect in the morning)
  • Have sex 3 times a week
  • Frown
  • If you’re not frowning flirt
  • Wear high heels in the delivery room – never surrender (is that the best they can do? An English couple had sex in the delivery room this week!)
  • Always be late
  • Fake designer bags are like fake boobs and won’t fix your insecurity
  • Never be friends with your children
  • Always look as if you are gazing into the sunset, even in the supermarket
  • Either let your hair go completely grey or colour it – no half-way salt and pepper
  • Talk so softly people have to lean in to hear you
  • Look pre-occupied
  • Don’t wear padded bras (you’ll only disappoint your lover when he takes it off)
  • Only wash your hair once a week
  • Androgyny is popular
  • Tattoos are frowned on (“be blank” is the new trend)
  • Speak in quotes
  • Don’t use abbreviations when texting
  • Never hire a pretty babysitter
  • Talk politics with your mouth and sex with your eyes
  • It’s vulgar to look rich
  • Never underestimate the power of lingerie
  • Don’t try too hard
  • Less is more. look undone
  • Don’t brush your hair
  • Wear only grey, black or navy and perhaps beige on a sunny day
  • Don’t fasten the belt on your coat

Apparently French women don’t “date” they just go out for dinner and see what happens.

Looks like hard work to me and they sound so miserable and in need of a good wash!

Give me the chocolate and nobody gets hurt

Don't dig your grave with your own knife and fork

IMG_6041Waking up to the most annoying sound of my alarm clock in the early Saturday morning with a smile on my face can mean only one thing – chocolate is going to be involved! Fully using all the benefits of being journalism student in London, I received a press pass from wonderful Sarah Tickle, who I thank very much, to the world’s largest chocolate show – Salon du Chocolat.It took place in London’s National Hall, Olympia from 18th to 20th of October 2013.

image-3Although I have so much to tell you about this unforgettably aromatic exhibition, I think that this time, pictures will speak for themselves more than my words of gastronomic amazement, I type while drooling over my keyboard.

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