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Travellers or should that be travelers?

P1020587Talking of Copenhagen airport I kept seeing these signs which irritated the pedant in me.

I kept thinking SAS might be a good airline but they can’t spell!

When I got home I realised the advert was obviously aimed at the US market because that’s how Americans spell traveller.

But not Canadians. And here’s a link to a blog that shows the difference in spelling between those two North American countries.


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Copenhagen Airport, expensive or what?

I hadn’t enough Danish currency and they won”t take foreign coins, only notes , then give you Danish currency in return. So I thought £20 might cover 2 small beers and 2 coffees. The change you can see on the counter wouldn’t even buy a coffee at that bar!

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My colleague and I have just returned from Vilnius in Lithuania where we have been doing some work at Vilnius University. Our route home was via Copenhagen airport with a five and a half hour stop over for our connection to Manchester.

So, as one normally does with such a long wait we decided to find a bar and have a beer to while away the time. My friend ordered a glass of Kronenburg and I asked for Tuborg and we were quickly presented with two glasses.

Are these the two most expensive beers in Europe? Are these the two most expensive beers in Europe?

My friend offered to pay and the young lady serving us rang the amount into the till machine and up popped the amount of £15.00………..our jaws dropped as we looked at each other and said “well we knew that is was expensive in Copenhagen but we didn’t realise we were personally subsidising the Danish…

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