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Airlines’ ripoff charges

luggage_passport_ticket_1600_wht_8353You probably know about Ryanair charging for hold luggage – £35 for a 15kg bag during peak periods, a measly allowance compared to most airlines which allow at least 20kg, for which Ryanair charges £45.

But the trend is now to charge you for hand luggage as well! Hungarian Wizz Air were the first charging €10 but US airlines have taken over .

Frontier Airlines charges between £16 and £64 depending on whether you pay on-line or at the airport (Ryanair started that little trick with boarding passes I think) as do Allegiant and Spirit airlines.

Which! Travel‘s latest report shows that the cost of luggage can exceed the cost of a ticket, especially if you have oversize luggage or sports equipment.

Ryanair is by far the worst charging £140 if you exceed the 10kg hand luggage allowance – which is the lowest of any airline. And their exchange rate is £1 = €1.

And they charge you between£19 and £30 for the pleasure of carrying your baby.

Booking fees can mount up too with Easyjet charging £10 for one person and Aer Lingus and Ryanair £7 a person

But everyone’s at it even British Airways. And gone are the days when you could get a free beer or glass of wine in economy class with your food (if you still get food) and airline food typically has over a 2000% markup compared with supermarket prices.

Even my favourite airline Finnair now charges for a glass of Lapland Gold beer!