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BOGOF on Boob Jobs

Times must be getting hard for cosmetic surgeons since the French PIP silicone implant scandal. Apparently some of them are offering inducements and seem to be targeting Mums and daughters with BOGOF-type inducements.

You can imagine; “get your Mum to come along as well and we’ll do one of hers for free”.

A Mum and daughter from Lancashire were pictured in the paper at the weekend who’d both had boob jobs. I’m not sure why women would want everyone to know that their boobs weren’t their own but what do I know!

Apparently demand for mother and daughter breast enlargements has increased by over 10% in the last couple of years. Are they double dating or something? Are there “mother & daughter” web-sites?

The doctors involved all say they are behaving ethically so they must be. As long as they don’t start complaining when Tesco  and ASDA start offering “value” or even “finest” plastic surgery alongside the plastic food.

I’m wondering if free boob jobs as a staff incentive are quite as popular since PIP implant scandal?


Ogling breasts no substitute for gym

well-endowed femaleMany men’s hopes would have been raised this week with the story that researchers in Germany had discovered that  10 minutes of staring at the charms of a well-endowed female was the equivalent of 30 minutes in the gym.

Sadly this is just an urban legend. The story sounds credible referring to a paper published in an American medical journal by researchers in Germany working with 200 men over a 5 year period.

Half of the men were put in the experimental group and told to look at busty females for 10 minutes each day and the other half put in what psychology experimenters call the control group and told not to.

Now we should have got suspicious at that point, after all asking men not to look is a clear invitation to do just the opposite. And wouldn’t you be a bit pissed to find you had been allocated to the control group?

The “results” showed that the breast oglers had lower blood pressure and resting pulse rates and fewer instances of coronary heart disease compared to the abstainers.

This was supposedly due to the sexual excitement causing improved blood circulation. The “researchers” claimed that it cut the risk of strokes and heart attacks by half and could lengthen a man’s life expectancy by as much as 5 years.

Perhaps if the research had been carried out in the Czech Republic where boob jobs are offered to nurses as part of their retention package the story might have held up a little longer.

Boob jobs attract staff

What can we offer you to renew your contract? Free language lessons? 5 weeks holiday? How about a free boob job?

A report in the New York Times described how nurses in the Czech Republic were offered such perks.

One nurse in the private sector who opted for the cosmetic surgery had breast enhancement and liposuction, worth over £3,000, which she would never have been able to afford on her €1,ooo a month salary – less than earned by a bus driver. … Read More

via SGandA on Management & Leadership edited with permission

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Beauty may only be skin-deep but….

How we look is important but to some people it’s everything.

In America 1 in 3 women think the way they look is more important for their self-esteem than intelligence or job performance.

Students said they would rather marry an embezzler, a shop lifter, or a drug smuggler than someone who was obese.

And 11% of them would abort a foetus if they knew it was  genetically disposed to obesity. It’s perhaps no surprise then that fat women are 20% less likely to get married than slimmer ones.

Now Deborah Rhode, the Director of Stanford University’s Institute for Research on Women and Gender, has published a book; “The Beauty Bias: The injustice of Appearance in Life and Law”. In it she asks such searching questions as why they spent more on Sarah Palin’s makeover and personal shopper than on a foreign policy advisor? She discovered that good looking teachers are considered better educators and that attractive lawyers earned 12% more than their plainer colleagues despite being no more competent.

I’ve posted on this topic before, about tallness, attractiveness and earnings and about “erotic capital” and how (usually) women can exploit their looks. Taking a slightly different view Rhode refers to the “bloopsy” effect which is where beautiful women, especially those with big breasts, are considered dumb even if they have a PhD.  Attractive women have been known to be sacked for being too attractive.

But so have unattractive or ugly people and research shows that ugly criminals get longer sentences – one way to beautify the neighbourhood I suppose. Now it’s being suggested that you could be sued for calling people ugly or not attractive enough for a job. Don’t HR people and the diversity police have enough to do?

Updated 14 July 2010: Anyone watching last night’s Channel 4 programme “The Ugly Face of Beauty” would have been horrified by the sight of operations that went wrong. Or of an England footballer’s relative wanting to have the UK’s biggest boobs (double J) plus an unnecessary liposuction on her size 8 body.

But the really scary part was that 50% of 16-21 year olds say they would like plastic surgery. “Boob jobs” are the most popular in the UK at around £3,000 (but only £800 in Cuba) with many unscrupulous, not to say unqualified, clinics offering surgery as part of a holiday package. Next week: “tummy tucks” that end up looking like shark bites!