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More evidence that bmi is past its sell-by date

I’ve posted on this previously but there’s more research out that suggests that waist-height ratios are a more reliable health indicator than bmi.

bmi doesn’t differentiate between fat and muscle and distorts the results for very short and very tall people.

The danger levels are as follows (for men and women of average fitness):

5′ tall? waist no more than 35.25″

5′ 3″ tall? waist should be no more than 36″

5′ 6″ tall? waist shouldn’t be more than 37.25″

5′ 9″ tall? waist no more than 38″

6′ tall? waist should be less than 38.5″

6′ 3″ tall? waist shouldn’t be more than 39.5″

A 40-year study in Copenhagen published in 2016 found that people with bmi’s of 27 lived the longest – although they were technically overweight.

And a study in Sweden published in 2009 found that women with an extra 4″ of fat round the waist were 15% more likely to die from heart failure despite being of “normal” weight.

It’s because belly fat is more dangerous to health than subcutaneous fat as it surrounds more vital organs. See post on body shape.

Here’s one of many waist-height ratio calculators you can try.


My most read posts in 2013

top_5_pedestal_1600_wht_6489The people behind WordPress provide me with an annual report complete with lots of statistics.

First, last year I published 115 new posts, many of them re-blogged from other interesting sites – so thank you fellow bloggers.

Secondly, I also know that October 29 2013 was my busiest day and that my blog is read in 123 countries with most readers in the USA, the UK, and Canada.

My most read posts, in reverse order, were:

5th – Gorillas (and other great apes) you might have missed

4th – Ogling breasts no substitute for the gym

3rd – Apples and Pears – what fruit is your bum? This was the 2nd most popular both in 2012 & 2011

2nd – Women in uniforms

and first, for the fourth year running, Blushing – do men find it attractive

There seems to be a pre-occupation with women’s appearance here! Just saying..