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Facebook used by Hamas to lure Israeli soldiers

thief_coming_from_monitor_1600_wht_10122The Israeli army has used Facebook in the past to catch people trying to avoid national service.

Now its sworn enemy Hamas has used the same social media tool to try and lure Israeli soldiers into conversations by opening fake accounts with racy photographs of  girls taken from real accounts.

They then ask the soldiers to download a video messaging app which was in fact malware which allowed them to hack the contents of the phones and activate the cameras and microphones.

They hoped to get photos and information from inside army bases and armoured vehicles. The honeytrap operation lasted for a month and was focused on troops near the Gaza border.

Israeli intelligence  sources said that no sensitive information was hacked and that the majority of troops hacked were low-ranking. “There was a potential for serious harm to national security but the actual damage done as minor. Anyone who was infected is not any more”.

Previously Hamas has tried to infiltrate Facebook groups (of which there are thousands) used by army units by posing as Israeli soldiers in order to access sensitive information.

Hamas declined to comment. As far as I know no-one has asked Jeremy Corbin.

Facebook – why should anyone trust it? Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t – he employs a dozen people to censor comments about it and him.



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