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Wild animals don’t have human characteristics – Disney isn’t real life!

Recently a video went viral showing a bear petting a chained-up dog in the Mile 5  dog sanctuary in Canada. The visitor who videod the incident said “I had no idea what was going to happen and then sure enough he started petting that dog acting like he was a friend. It was a beautiful sight“. This person must have been so naive.

Unfortunately the sanctuary owner hadn’t fed the bears that day (which is illegal anyway) to keep them away from the dogs.

Hours later another chained-up husky at the sanctuary ended up as bear lunch. The dog had no chance like a staked out goat.

tiger_by_the_tail_1600_clr_11300Talking of which you might remember a story last year about a tiger called Amur in the Primorsky Safari Park that befriended a goat he had been given for dinner.

Rather than eat him he shared his bed (which led to a lawyer claiming it was in breach of the law prohibiting the promotion of gay relationships).

Anyway that didn’t end well when the goat, called Timur (do they name all their tiger meals I wonder) stupidly kicked and head-butted the tiger which retaliated by grabbing the gouty the scruff of the neck and tossing it in the air – but not killing it. Hastily separated the zoo’s  now asking for brides (Russian brides?) for the goat.

And you may have heard about fur seals in the antarctic having sex with penguins – and then eating them. This BBC video is not for the faint-hearted showing inter-species sexual behaviour.

A far cry from when Bambi’s mum was shot by the hunters in that early Disney film.


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