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Who do you trust?

Well obviously not your fertile friends if you’re a woman!


businesslady_shrugging_500_wht_14231Hairdressers (or stylist if you pay more) are now more trusted than priests, charity bosses, NHS managers, and bankers.

Well that’s not saying a lot given the recent scandals and mismanagement we’ve been hearing about – and suffered from in some cases.

The clergy were the most trusted a generation ago but how they have fallen from grace. They are now considered to be more likely to lie than scientists, doctors, teachers, and judges.

This is according to the Veracity Index (part of Ipsos Mori) which has been measuring levels of public trust since 1983.

Now over 2/3 of people trust their hairdresser to tell the truth; women slightly more than men. Are people deluded? Of course the new colour is right for you, and let’s take a bit more of there. Really? And of course you’ll need some new products to maintain that salon-fresh look.

This is a…

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