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Don’t drive when you’re emotional


highway_no_passing_vehicle_left_lane_1600_wht_7398If you thought driving whilst talking on your hand-held phone was dangerous, driving when you’re upset is far more so.

Chatting on your phone only doubles the risk of your having an accident; crying or being angry increases the risk nine-fold.

Transport experts at Virginia State University studied 3,500 drivers aged 16 to 98 after fitting their vehicles with cameras, GPS, radar and other sensors. Over a three year period there were 900 accidents to study.

The most dangerous things were losing track of your right of way (I know that from personal experience as a front seat passenger), breaking too suddenly or at the wrong time, and driving in an unfamiliar area or in an unfamiliar vehicle.

One of the experts said that what stood out for them was “how much emotion really does impact on your level of risk”

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