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Secret Santa? Be a devil!

Santa WorkshopIf you’re involved in a workplace xmas party you will be familiar with the Secret Santa approach to giving presents.

You might however want to adda bit of devilment to the proceedings by using a variation called Dirty Santa or Devil’s Santa.

In this alternative you provide the gifts in a way that doesn’t give away who the gift is from and which are suitable for anyone in the group (rather than drawing someone’s name as in the traditional Secret Santa).

The first person chosen at random takes a gift and opens it. Then comes the twist!

The people who follow can either keep the gift they have chosen or steal a previously opened one instead!

If you think this goes against the spirit of christmas there is s a long tradition in Germany and surrounding countries of a bad Santa called Krampus, the Christmas devil who accompanied Santa Claus and whipped children into being nice.


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