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What’s wrong with plain old cows’ milk?


P1000199Too trendy to drink it? Prefer almond or coconut, hemp or rice, oat or soya?

Think you should follow the wacky examples set by Miss Paltrow or the K clan?

These drinks might look milky but tend to lack the proteins and vitamins found in cow’s milk and may be loaded with sugar to cover watery or oily taste e.g. almond milk.

Experts say drinking hemp, rice, or almond is not a step to better health.

In this country you are unlikely to be lactose intolerant: only 0.01% of the European population lacks the enzyme needed to digest lactose (which can lead to bloating and diarrhoea)It is much more widespread in south-east Asia.

The alternative milks are heavily processed and often fortified with vitamins. Many are unsuitable for babies and children.

It sounds very trendy but why not just stick to good old-fashioned whole milk?

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