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Taking the perfect Selfie


stick_figure_liking_it_500_wht_9170For all you selfie-takers who get frustrated when your photo doesn’t come out right the first (or tenth) time here’s the magic formula according to Andrej Karpathy, a PhD student at Stanford University.

  • Be female – men don’t make the top 100 most-liked selfies
  • Cut off your forehead (probably where Ant & Dec are going wrong)
  • Show your long hair
  • Ensure your face occupies a third of the frame (rule of thirds)
  • Oversaturate the image (and maybe save on self-tanning cream and makeup?)
  • Apply a filter (Black & White selfies are popular)
  • Add a border

Karpathy came to this formula by using a state of the art neural network to analyse 2 million selfies posted on the internet. The system ranked them by likes and dislikes and analysed the top 100.

Now taking selfies can be dangerous. Several people have died taking selfies and others have risked their lives wandering up a mountain…

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