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Are you a snob?


cropped-cnv000181.jpgFashion changes quicker than you can say “double denim” but are there some things that are just naff?

Contributors to the Times think they are the arbiters of good taste and here’s a list their ideas with a few of my own dislikes in the mix for good measure.

  • 65” TVs; curved TVs not much better
  • Too much scandi-style furniture – sorry IKEA
  • Immaculate interiors that have never seen a child’s imprint
  • Exposed brick walls and worn floors
  • Shiny black suits with matching shirt and tie (footballer chic apparently)
  • I’d add the matching tie and handkerchief set as worn by Shane Richie in the same colour every week!
  • Fake marble tiles in the bathroom
  • Elephants’ breath paint everywhere – blues are in now.
  • High gloss or dark stripy wood in the kitchen, oh and subway tiles

And on a personal level

  • Gypsy hoop earrings
  • Head to toe nylon
  • Cheap…

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