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Ocean fish actually prefer plastic junk food to plankton – then they die


figure_in_bubble_bath_1600_clr_13628Scientists in Sweden exposed larval perch to small plastic particles measuring less than 5mm in diameter and they loved them!

Not for them the nutritious free swimming zoo plankton  they are supposed to eat.

They completely changed their diets like teenagers eating junk food – in this case literally.

Apart from filling the fish with junk of no nutritional value it made them more sluggish and also made them ignore predators like pike. So they were caught and eaten four times quicker than fish not exposed to the plastic.

All the fish exposed to the plastic were dead within 48 hours.

The researchers at Uppsala University found the same thing happened with other species including tropical fish and those from temperate waters. They say “the effects on aquatic ecosystems could be profound”

They even predict that if current trends continue there could be more plastic rubbish than fish in our…

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