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One third of us can’t get a decent mobile phone connection at home

300px-Mobile_phone_evolution17 million of us suffer from poor mobile phone coverage and many people can’t get a signal at all according to a uSwitch survey – despite the industry’s commitment to provide 90% coverage of the UK by next year.

Yet according to Ofcom, the industry regulator, we already had 98% coverage last year – clearly not true, unless they count poor quality as OK.

According to the survey 60% of people experienced patchy quality and half had experienced calls being cut off when indoors. Causes include network congestion, modern impenetrable building materials and living in basements.

14% of people have given up land lines and rely on their mobile phones so they could be in trouble if they move home.

You can check coverage on the OfCom network coverage maps found online but few people bother to do so before signing up and almost 20% of people don’t know they can.

Rural areas are the worst but city dwellers, particularly in London, also received a worse service than people in towns and villages.

Of the major networks O2 was the one most likely to be rated as excellent (I’m on O2 and struggle to get a signal at home so don’t cont me in hat satisfied group). Three was the worst provider overall.




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