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Olympians – digging for Gold

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UnknownSo Team GB has had a great 2016 Olympics in Rio. Second in the medals table to boot with more medals than we won at home in 2012.

So give yourselves a big pat on the back. Yes you. After all you’ve paid for it through your taxes and in the process made some of the successful athletes into millionaires.

So next time you see yet another picture of an Olympian sticking their tongue out or pretending to bite the gold medal as if it were a chocolate one, bear that in mind.

There is no Olympic ethos any more. Everyone taking part is a professional, well-paid through government grants not to mention sponsorship.

The Sunday Times published a list of our wealthy athletes on Sunday and I think like me you’ll be surprised how well they’ve done financially.

Top of the heap is that dour Scot Andy Murray (who has never supported English teams) with a net worth of £62 million. For knocking a tennis ball about and scowling!

Next up is Justin Rose who is a golfer worth £33 million.

What are tennis and golf are doing in the Olympic games  anyway?

Then it’s the cyclists. Sir Bradley Wiggins worth £13 million, Mark Cavendish worth £12 million and Chris Froome £10 million.

Jessica-Ennis Hill, pride of Yorkshire, is worth £5 million whilst Mo Farah is worth £4 million. And both of these have done some pretty awful TV commercials.

The Brownlee brothers are worth £3.5 million and diver Tom Daley £2.5 million (but he probably has a calendar coming up).

Laura Trott is only worth a measly £700,000 but I hope she resists Hello and strictly come dancing-type overtures.

And on top of these financial rewards there’ll be lots of gongs for people who spend all their life doing what they enjoy the most and getting paid handsomely for it!

And the hangers-on in the so-called Olympic family of officials don’t do so badly either enjoying a 5-star lifestyle.

And what about the public? many can’t afford tickets, live in appalling conditions, often in slum areas. What does it do for them?

As I previously posted: Olympic legacy? What legacy?


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