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Congratulations Ukraine on 25 years of Independence

UnknownToday marks the 25th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence.

After a failed coup in Moscow Ukraine declared its independence from the USSR on this day in 1991. 90% of the population voted for it on December 1 1991.

Google has marked the occasion with a blue and yellow logo – the colours of the national flag – and sunflowers, the ubiquitous national flower.ukraine-independence-day-2016-6196143744614400-hp2xCNV00009_5

I have happy memories of my three visits to Ukraine, twice to Kiev and once to Ivano-Frankivsk for a 3-day wedding! I’ve also been there for the Independence Day celebrations in the square ending in a firework display then a mad dash for the mini-buses as the street cleaners moved in to start the clean-up.

Here are a few photographs from Kiev showing the beautiful cathedrals in particular.CNV00006

St Andrew overlooking the river in Kiev


With Ukrainian friends. Lots of good food and vodka

With Ukrainian friends. Lots of good food and vodka (or harilka as they call it)






And BBC staff – could you please stop referring to THE Ukraine. We don’t say THE England or THE France do we. Get it right. It’s as bad as Russia referring to it as Southern Russia.

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