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Olympic legacy? What legacy?


UnknownSupporters of big events like the world cup or the olympics try to justify the obscene amounts of public money spent by claiming that there will be a legacy for future generations.

What a load of rubbish. Since the 2012 London olympics – which cost £9.3 billion – more than 2,500 sports facilities including athletics tracks, playing fields and swimming pools have been closed.

There are 1,729 fewer tennis facilities, 3,180 fewer sports grounds, stadiums and pitches but 323 more riding schools and2,226 more gyms, sports halls or leisure centres.

Sport England, the government quango which is supposed to encourage grass roots sport, disputes the figures – naturally. They say there are more sites and facilities than there were 4 years ago and they verify these annually – not just using maps.

The research was carried out by a digital mapping company using ordnance survey data and looked at both public and private facilities. It found 78,720 sporting facilities in Britain, 2,672 fewer than in 2012.

Yorkshire athletes did so well in 2012 that they would have been 12th in the medal table if they had been an independent country.

Yet its the Yorkshire and Humber region which experienced the biggest drop in facilities of 7%. 386 fewer sports grounds, stadiums and pitches and 160 fewer tennis facilities.  And Sheffield has demolished the 25,000 seat Don Valley stadium to save money.

It seems the only people who benefit from these extravaganzas are the well-paid athletes, Sport England quango staff who get paid regardless of what they achieve, and people like Seb Coe and the olympic family of hangers-on who enjoy 5 start treatment and perks wherever they pitch up,

And the in the case of the London olympics West Ham United football club who got a brand new stadium for peanuts subsidised by the tax payer.

It’s not the first time I’ve posted about this scandalous waste of money but if you criticise it some people think you’re being disloyal.

It’s the same with the World Cup in football. Locals rarely benefit from the investment.

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