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Who the eff does Bob Geldof think he is?

220px-I_Don't_Like_Mondays_single_coverInsulting your fans who’ve paid good money to see you headline a music festival is not usually a good idea.

Bob Geldof, the one-hit wonder with the Boomtown Rats who got involved in charity work in Africa through Band Aid in 1984 (and seems to have made a lot of money out of it – well he’s not made any records), berated fans at a charity festival in Essex with foul-mouthed expletives for wearing cheap Primark clothes.

So this so-called celebrity anti-poverty campaigner criticises people for wearing affordable clothes. An Irish non-dom at that. It went down like a lead balloon.

The crowd booed him and walked out and the press across the political spectrum had a go at him. The Telegraph referred to him as an example of a liberal “sneerer” and the Independent called him a “lefty boho windbag” who exalts the working classes but never actually walks among them.

I think someone who posted on twitter sums it up quite well: “Horrendous individual who loves the sound of his own voice. He hasn’t made a decent track in decades“.

So tell me again how come he’s so rich? It’s not the first time Saint Bob has attracted criticism but it’s usually over his cringeworthy charity singles where millionaires try to persuade us to donate to charities 


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