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Visit to War Graves cemetery ruled as “too draining” for England football team

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The bunch of pampered and preening footballers who allegedly “represented” England in France returned to the UK yesterday after their ignominious defeat by Iceland. As usual many of them walked off the aeroplane with headphones on, oblivious to the outside world and no wish to communicate with anyone, let alone the fans.

Some of these players earn in excess of £100,000 a week, that is just short of £5 million per year, yet were out played, out fought and out thought by a group of players (some part-time) imbued with a pride in playing for their country and giving everything on the pitch.

We are told that there are many talented English footballers, but ask yourself “how many English players play for Rael Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus or Bayern Munich?”……..I wonder why?

Apparently, whilst in France, Roy Hodgson had wanted to take his England squad on an outing from their Chantilly…

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