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23 June 2016………a momentous day for the UK

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A momentous day for the UK as we take back our independence, our sovereignty and the right to decide who comes and doesn’t come to this country. And no, we are not a nation of racists or Little Englanders but a liberal and open-minded people who will give succour to those genuinely in need of help.


What this vote has done is show the deep divide between the “political elite in the London bubble” who have no real interest in what happens outside the M25 and the rest of the UK who have stuck two fingers up at the “liberal elite and luvvies” firmly ensconced in their Hampstead and Islington bubbles. One has only to look at the money spent in the SE of England against the amount spent in the regions on everything from economic development, sport and even the arts.

In particular I would direct the hand gesture…

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