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British International Aid (Part 2)……read and weep!

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1BC2DF1C00000578-3540886-image-a-65_1460675959967.jpg Robert Mugabe who has single-handedly reduced Zimbabwe to a state of abject poverty and corruption

Britain’s foreign aid budget keeps rising. Currently at £12 billion a year, it is due to soar during David Cameron’s two terms as Prime Minister, to £16 billion by 2020. As the Daily Mail revealed yesterday, Britain pays £1 in every £7 of aid donated by rich countries — three times as much per head as the U.S. — and much of it is being sent to the world’s most corrupt countries where despots line their own pockets and make life even worse for the poor.

Among the most egregious recent examples was South Africa, where — even as our Government gave the country £19 million a year to alleviate poverty — its president Jacob Zuma was spending £13 million of state funds improving his lavish home. Ministers have stopped direct aid to South Africa since…

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