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Antisemitism and the “left”

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Given the rise of antisemitism throughout Europe and in particular the despicable uttering of those in the Labour Party and on the “left”  about the “Jewish problem” (where have we heard that before?) I make no apologies for posting the following article from the Jewish Chronicle which seeks to highlight the growing anti-Jewish feeling amongst senior Labour Politicians and many of their “lackeys.”

Last summer, Jeremy Corbyn swept to power in the Labour Party — in spite of his political support for the anti-peace and antisemitic Hamas and Hezbollah. And it did him no damage when it emerged that he had leapt to the defence of Raed Salah, the blood libeller, and Steven Sizer, the 9/11 conspiracist. When the Corbyn campaign accused those who raised the issue of antisemitism of doing so to silence criticism of Israel and to hinder opposition to austerity, Corbyn’s reputation remained intact. When people realised that…

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