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Europe would be pretty honest if it weren’t for the Italians!

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italy_peg_figure_1600_wht_14424Transparency International’s latest report shows that Europe would be the most honest continent if it weren’t for widespread corruption in Italy and neighbouring countries.

Italy is less honest than Qatar (no surprise there considering FIFA’s involvement) Ghana or Saudi Arabia.

Britain comes joint 10th with Germany 

Top of the pile? Denmark, Finland and Sweden with the Danes scoring 91 out of a 100.

At the other end of the scale is Somalia and North Korea, joint bottom with just 8 points.

To be like Denmark “you need an independent parliament, free media and law enforcement among other factors” according to Transparency International’s Europe and Central Asia director.

We may be 10th and above the USA (16th), France (23rd), Spain (36th) and Italy (61st) but Britain is seen as a safe haven for money laundering and political financing is less than transparent.

Italy tied with Lesotho after another year of bribery scandals and is seen to be “floundering behind countries generally seen as corrupt such as Romania and Greece”. Italy has plenty of anti-corruption legislation but doesn’t enforce it.

Spain dropped several places after various political scandals and Ireland suffered after the way it treated police officers who tried to expose corrupt colleagues.

Top most honest countries 

  • 1   Denmark
  • 2   Finland
  • 3   Sweden
  • 4   New Zealand
  • =5  Netherlands/Norway
  • 7   Switzerland
  • 8   Singapore
  • 9   Canada
  • 10  UK/Germany

Most corrupt countries

  • 119    Russia
  • 161    Iraq/Libya
  • 166   Afghanistan
  • =167  North Korea/Somalia

It’s a pity the EU isn’t included as it now admits that half of the money they disburse is siphoned off illegally and they haven’t had their accounts approved for years.

See also African despots and corruption

For further information go to http://www.transparency.org/

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