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Ukraine is a beautiful country being torn apart by Putin

You’ve all seen the news stories, heard the evidence of the “little green men” from the reconnaissance and sabotage units running around fomenting trouble. You’ll have seen pictures of rocket launchers, modern Russian tanks (as David Cameron said “you can’t buy those on e-bay“) and well-armed separatists flouting the ceasefire. Putin lies through his teeth, denies everything. Fools the EU. Has the US on the back foot. Sees himself as the new Tsar of a new Russian empire embracing all the “near abroad” countries.

You will also remember the scenes in the square in Kiev where Russian snipers were killing protestors indiscriminately. You may not believe it but that’s all been repaired and looks reasonably normal. I’ve been to Ukraine three times with friends and thoroughly enjoyed it each time. First before the “Orange Revolution” and then after it.

I came across this video promoting the European Cup in 2012. This is Ukraine’s point of view. Look at the wonderful buildings, the modern infrastructure. Kiev, or Kyiv, is a modern western-looking capital city. Something which is anathema to Putin’s Russia.

Hope you enjoy the views:

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