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EU prisoner deal not working

figure_behind_bars_anim_500_wht_3524The EU agreed that all countries would ratify a deal by 2011 that meant foreign nationals would be compulsorily deported to their own countries.

Of the 28 EU states, 9 have still not ratified the agreement. These states include Bulgaria, Estonia, Germany, Greece, The Irish Republic, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden. These countries account for 1,600 of the EU prisoners.

And what has the EU done about it? Nothing. It has not taken out infringement proceedings against these countries but sent a letter before Xmas asking them to sort it out by March 2015.

At present there are 10,500 foreign prisoners in our prisons and 4,600 are from EU countries. They cost us £350 million a year.

The top 10 worst offenders are:

Poland with 901 prisoners

Irish Republic with 750

Romania with 521

Lithuania with 461

Portugal with 205

Latvia with 192

Netherlands with 130

Slovakia with 119

Czech Republic with 109

France with 102

Between 2010 and 2013 only 162 prisoners were sent to EU and non-EU countries. A compulsory deal with Albania has resulted in only 3 of the 334 prisoners returning home.

Prisoners claim their human rights are in danger if they get sent home to prison. A Lithuanian has already won an appeal against deportation on those grounds.

And Britain has agreed to give Poland more time to build extra prison places.

A Ministry of Justice spokeswoman said “We are pleased that the commission has reiterated the requirement for member states to have an implementation plan by March”

Just don’t hold your breath.

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