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My most viewed posts in 2014

laptop_custom_screen_12814-2Once again WordPress has provided me with global statistics on my blogging attempts.

In 2014 I managed to publish 86 posts, almost 40 fewer than the year before despite including some excellent posts from other bloggers – and thank you to them for their input.

However I managed to slightly increase my global readership to 127 different countries.

The Top 10 most read posts were as follows:

  1. Blushing – do men find it attractive? Most read for the 5th year running and first published in May 2010
  2. Ogling breasts no substitute for gym – A close second moving up from No 4 the previous year and first published in December 2011
  3. Women in uniforms – dropping one place from 2013 and first published in March 2012
  4. The Golden Boy syndrome – first published in October 2010
  5. Statues of naked women – first published in November 2012
  6. Apples and Pears – what fruit is your bum? – dropping from 3rd position last year and first published in July 2010
  7. Urban knitting – looking after trees – first published in November 2012
  8. Gorillas (and other great apes ) you might have missed -dropping from No 5 last year and first published in July 2012
  9. Russian policewomen in miniskirts – first published in June 2014
  10. Boob jobs attract staff – first published in July 2011


For all my endeavours only one of these posts was first published in 2014. The rest are all from previous years.

And the top two posts received 90% of all the views.

But wholehearted thanks to everybody for bothering to read them and a Happy 2015!

My most viewed posts in 2013


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