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Will Gore, of the Independent Newspaper is a Coward…………………..

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Will-GoreWill Gore is Deputy Managing Editor of The Independent, i, Independent on Sunday and the London Evening Standard. He was formerly Director of External & Public Affairs at the Press Complaints Commission.

He has also written the most pathetic “explanation” why the Independent newspaper feels that there are more appropriate ways of showing solidarity with the murdered French journalists than publishing the cartoons, the exact opposite of many European papers who have published them as a response to  the murderous muslims who committed this atrocity (see below):-


The “best” that the Independent could come up with, and I use the word “best” advisedly is the following cartoon, note that there is no reference to islam or muhammed so as not to offend certain members of society, pathetic!:-


Will Gore is a COWARD, a sentiment being expressed by many on the “Indys” website in response to such a pathetic article, and as…

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