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A Birthday Treat To Paris

Charlotte Hoather


On Matt’s birthday we made chocolate cake. Whilst it was baking in the oven we talked about our late break holiday that my Dad had booked us all on to Paris, France.


It was only a one hour flight from Manchester and it was somewhere that Matt, Tom and I had always wanted to visit.

We were looking forward to seeing all the sights and with a bit of luck some sunny weather was predicted.

We arrived in the early evening so we decided our first foray into Paris would be along the River Seine to see Notre Dame Cathedral. The views along the banks of the Seine were exquisitely beautiful and it made for a fabulous first evening in Paris.

France01 Outside “The Louvre” with my lovely brothers.

France02 We decided to walk along the banks of “La Seine” to “Notre-Dame de Paris”

France03 Outside “Notre-Dame de Paris”

France10 In the “Square Jean…

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