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Gallery, Picturesque Antelope Canyon in Arizona, U.S.

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Antelope Canyon, a natural “slot canyon” just outside of Page, Arizona, is a naturally formed canyon that often referred to as the most photogenic of all of Arizona’s natural wonders and formation. Native Navajo peoples call it “Tsé bighánílíní,” or “Where the water runs through rocks.” The entire canyon system was formed by the erosion of the soft Navajo Sandstone in the area over thousands of years.


Arizona experiences heavy monsoon rains during the late summer months every year, sending a steady flow of water through this and many other canyons in the area, which keeps the erosion process happening, and continues to create an even more elaborate set of naturally sculpted features inside the canyon.


Access to the Antelope Canyon is limited only to tours with the permission of the local Navajo authorized tour guides. Access is limited due to the fact that this is one of the most…

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