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I million births due to Erasmus programme

It’s been claimed that the educational exchange programme, Erasmus, has contributed to 1 million births since it began in 1987.

27% of participants met their future partners during their stay abroad and one third ended up with people of a different nationality.

I was on a Summer School in Lithuania with a group of them back in 2008 and they certainly knew how to enjoy themselves the students from Poland, Germany, Turkey, Czech Republic, Latvia, and some other EU countries.

European Commission spokeswoman Pia Ahrenkilde Hansen said it was a “touching little figure” that showed the scheme “creates a lot of positive things”. “It is a great encouragement to young people to go and live abroad and open up to all the opportunities that exist if you are willing,” Hansen added. I couldn’t have put it better myself!

P1020579And they still seem to be celebrating those inter-cultural experiences here in Vilnius, Lithuania.

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