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Gays for Palestine…………….really?

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QUEERS FOR PALESTINERegardless of your views on gay marriage, gay adoption and so on, I think it is fair to say that Israel’s tolerant, liberal society is a much nicer place to live than the barbaric, oppressive, misogynistic and homophobic cultures that seem to spring up wherever radical Islam takes root, and particularly under Hamas in Gaza. 

After all, for over ten years, gay Palestinians have been fleeing their own country and settling in Tel Aviv, one of the most gay-friendly cities on the planet. 

So you might imagine that gay Westerners, with an uncensored press and ready access to information about the torture and execution of homosexuals under administrations like Hamas’s, would be reluctant to support barbaric medieval homophobia.

Surely they would feel a natural affinity to the permissive democracy in this conflict. Alas, not so. Witness the “Queers for Palestine” movement — a small group of homosexuals who have decided…

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