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Does Britain “do good” in the world?

uk_flag_perspective_anim_500_wht_2302Britain has been ranked 7th in the world in a new index that measures a country’s contribution to the world. Called the Good Country Index it combines data from the UN, the World Bank, and other international institutions into 35 indicators.

Its purpose is to make countries think about the way they do business and the global impact they have.

We came top in science and technology due largely to exports of medical and science publications and were also praised for our contribution to global health, prosperity, and culture.

However we came 94th for international peace and security. This was calculated on how many conflicts a country has been involved in and the scale of its efforts in peace-keeping operations.

Iran, Libya, and Vietnam came bottom of the rankings.

Ireland came top overall and the US came 21st, their score reduced by a poor score on peace and security.



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