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Russian policewomen in miniskirts


The story in the Times this week about the clampdown by Russian authorities on policewomen who wear mini-skirts brought back fond memories of policewomen in Ukraine, Poland and Italy – all dressed (and armed) to kill.

To be fair the authorities are being equal opportunity and have banned men from having short sleeved shirts. They feel that officers showing too much flesh undermined the authority of the interior ministry and the police service. But doesn’t Mr Putin have a fondness for showing off his pecs?

So no skirts above the knee ladies and your department heads will have the onerous task of inspecting you each day before you start your shift (volunteers for this task join the queue).

The police officers’ union is taking a laid-back and some might say old-fashioned view of this. Their Chairman Mikhail Pashkin saw no reason to complain about the skirts and was quoted as saying “Perhaps the girls want to get married?“. He also suggested that it was a patriotic response to Russian’s declining population “they are thinking about the demographics”.

It seems politicians are getting concerned about the way women in public office dress. Last year they proposed creating a “wall of shame” for teachers who dressed provocatively in class and are now planning to ban stiletto heels and ballet slippers!

If you’ve noticed the wallpaper on this blog that’s a picture of Ukrainian soldiers and I’ve blogged before about Ukrainian police women and women in uniform.

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