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Over the hill in your 30s?

doctor_operating_tablet_1600_wht_5935Certainly if you’re a computer expert in Silicon Valley – home of Apple, Facebook, and Google.

Apparently plastic surgeons have seen a boom in their services as anxious techies try to keep their career on track in an ageist industry. One of the surgeons there, Dr Seth Matarasso, is the 3rd biggest dispenser of botox in the world!

The surgeon said that if you’re in the 30-45 age bracket you’re competing with people fresh from college in a business run by young people. “You don’t want to look as if your have kids and a mortgage”.

Facebook founder Zuckerberg has said “young people are just smarter” and a venture capitalist said “people over 45 basically die in terms of new ideas” and another said young company founders “don’t have distractions like families and children and other things that get in the way of business”

Apart from botox, which costs about $1,000 a treatment,  eyelid and face lifts are also common.

In California in 2010 there were more complaints about age discrimination than any other kind of discrimination

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