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This is good customer service!

UnknownI’ve often complained about poor customer service so I’m pleased to report excellent customer service.

I bought a  Gtech Air Ram vacuum cleaner just over a year ago and it developed a fault last week and I couldn’t get it to work.

I rang the customer service number on Thursday and the lady who answered said she’d get someone from technical support to ring me back within the next 8 hours. Within an hour I had a call from someone who checked my details and confirmed it was still under its 5-year warranty.

I’d bought the machine at Comet, now sadly departed our high streets, but that wasn’t a problem. They asked me to pack it up securely and a courier would collect it the following day, on the Friday.

So the courier took it away on Friday afternoon. On Monday I had a text saying I had a delivery coming the following day. And sure enough on Tuesday they delivered a Gtech for me. Not just a repair but a replacement. And what a fast turnaround.

It’s a great piece of kit and that’s great customer service!

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