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Packaging – what a waste!

I’ve posted about plastic bags in the past but this is about the way companies package items, in this case Tesco.

I bought some Lego minifigures for one of my grandsons through Tesco’s online service. So far so good.

I went to collect the figures at my nearest Tesco to be greeted by a member of staff saying she was dreading my arrival as she had to sort out 12 boxes which I took to my car in a trolley!

P1010600 P1010601 P1010602 P1010603 P1010605Twelve boxes? Well the individual figures come in a sealed bag like a small bag of sweets but they were then wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in a box with an air-filled bag to fill up the space.

When I’d unpacked everything I had a pile of cardboard to recycle, some air-filled bags and a dozen bubble wrap bags big enough to put a book in (so they’ll come in handy).

I then repacked all twelve of the minifigures in just one of the boxes with plenty of room to spare.

We are paying for this excessive packaging somewhere down the line.

PS my grandson loved them!


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